About us

We are a vibrant team of young professionals dedicated to providing top-notch transportation services. Our team is not only enthusiastic but also highly skilled and responsible, embodying a client-centric organizational culture.

Our transportation services cater to the mobility needs of companies that don't have their own fleets or have chosen to outsource their transportation departments. We take pride in offering PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY, and PROMPT SERVICE.

Adaptability is our strength, and we go the extra mile to assist our clients. We welcome any suggestions or proposals to enhance our current offerings.

With a stellar reputation among clients, we are confident that our mobility services will exceed your expectations.

City Transfer drivers are professionally licensed for rental transportation by the Romanian Road Authority. They are English speakers and always ready to respond to client requests.

While there are many transportation service providers, City Transfer distinguishes itself by delivering high-quality, reliable services. Our mission is to provide professional, trustworthy, and excellent services to our clients.

Our focus is on ensuring the best transportation conditions, emphasizing both comfort and safety in our diverse and regularly updated fleet of vehicles.

We sincerely hope that our transfer services align with your needs. Please feel free to contact us with confidence at the phone number 004 0720 555 333 or via email at: contact @ city-transfer.ro