Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions of Use


1.    Definitions
1.1.    Provider – DRY ICE SRL, a legal entity functioning under Romanian law, hereinafter referred to as CITY TRANSFER.
1.2.    Customer / User – the natural or legal person receiving the services of CITY TRANSFER.
1.3.    Services – transport of passengers by transfer from airport to hotel or hotel to airport.
1.4.    Booking / Contract – the contract entered into by the parties, including all schedules and appendices.
1.5.    Price – the amount paid by the Customer to the Provider.
1.6.    Website – www.city-transfer.ro. 

2.    Use of Information
2.1.    Accessing the Website, using the information provided therein, visiting the site pages, purchasing services or sending emails to CITY TRANSFER are all operations carried out by electronic means, and it is therefore considered that the User consents to receiving electronic notifications from CITY TRANSFER, including herein communications by email or announcements on the Website.
2.2.    CITY TRANSFER guarantees to the User access to the Website; furthermore, Users may not download, fully or partially change, fully or partially reproduce, sell/resell or use the Website in any other manner without the explicit written consent of CITY TRANSFER.
2.3.    When visiting the Website, Users shall be responsible for all the activities performed by accessing their personal user accounts and inserting their respective passwords. 
2.4.    To use the online services, Users are required to create an account on the Website, which will grant them direct access to the Provider’s offers.
2.5.    CITY TRANSFER will not be held accountable for the actions caused by the Users’ failure to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of their usernames and passwords.

3.    Bookings and Customer Obligations
3.1.    Customers can contract the Services rendered by the Provider via telephone, by calling +40 720 555 333 or email, by messaging contact @ city-transfer.ro, or online, by accessing their user accounts.
3.2.    The Customer shall be responsible for providing a valid and complete pick up address, as well as a valid and complete drop off address, within the coverage areas selected upon booking. If the address is incomplete or doesn’t correspond with the transfer route selected, the Customer will bear all the costs incurred with the additional distance travelled. The Customer is required to have on them a telephone (or any similar communications means) and to keep it on, so that they can be reached at the phone number provided during the booking process.
3.3.    Where two or more persons are covered by the same booking, or where a booking is made on behalf of a third party, the person who makes the booking (ie the Customer) will be acting as an agent for all the persons who travel (the passengers) and consequently agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Use on behalf of every passenger. All passengers must be fit to travel. Drivers reserve the right to reasonably refuse service to any person who they deem to be unfit to travel, or who is abusive, intoxicated, below the legal age or if the transport of such passengers and/or baggage would cause the driver to violating any applicable traffic and/or road safety regulations or would damage the vehicle. In this case, the Provider will not be liable for any damages and will be held harmless from paying any sums to the Customer.
3.4.    Customers are responsible for making sure they select the vehicle that best suits their needs.
3.5.    A booking on the Website is subject to the Customer agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use. Where Customers disagree with all or part of it, they can end the booking process.
3.6.    For all transfer bookings, passengers are required to pay the Price stated on the Website. Where fees change between the time of the booking and the time of the travel, this will bear no impact on already finalised bookings.
3.7.    Passengers will be prohibited from deteriorating or soiling the vehicle, consuming alcoholic beverages or obstructing the driver in any way. Furthermore, inebriated passengers shall not be allowed to enter the vehicle. In these cases, the Provider may refuse to render the transfer service and the cost of the paid services will not be refunded to such passengers.
3.8.    Where a Customer informs the Provider in advance of their flight detail (flight number, airline) the Provider will send a driver to the relevant airport, before the scheduled landing time, who will wait for one (1) hour for the Customer to arrive. In the event of delays, for reasons pertaining to the airline, the Provider will instruct the driver to wait for the Customer, unless this affects subsequent bookings.
3.9.    Where the delay caused by the airline continues, or the flight is cancelled up to three (3) hours before the scheduled transfer, the Customer will receive a full refund (if they already paid the Price) and the order is consequently cancelled.
3.10.    In any event, the Customer will promptly notify the Provider of any delays which may occur in the schedule.

4.    Provider’s Services
4.1.     Our company provides passenger land transport services, in the form of car hire, with drivers, and transfers. Customers are able to select their vehicle of choice, from the following categories: economy, standard, minivan, SUV and luxury. To the extent to which, after confirming the booking, the Provider cannot make available to the Customer the lower class vehicle requested by the latter, it will offer—at no extra cost for the Customer—a higher class vehicle. For instance, if the Customer requests an economy class vehicle, which is unavailable at the time of the booking, then the Provider will offer, at the same rate, a standard class vehicle.
4.2.    Transfers are private, meaning the vehicle will only carry the passengers included in the booking and will stop only at the designated airport/address and at destination/pick up address indicated by the Customer.
4.3.    For transfer services, Customers can find details regarding the car fleet on the Website. We reserve the right to use also other vehicle brands, which are not listed on the Website, but which provide the same level of quality.
4.4.    After landing, our drivers wait for the passengers at the arrivals terminal, holding an identification sign. While in the city, drivers will wait for the passengers at the hotel’s reception desk or in front of the building.

5.    Transport of Children 
5.1.    Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
5.2.    The rates specified for the transfer services are valid for 1 to 3 persons per vehicle or, in the case of a minivan, for 7 to 8 persons, depending on the available space. 
5.3.    In terms of passenger number, there will be no difference between children and adults.
5.4.    CITY TRANSFER may provide children safety seats regardless of the destination. Where this is needed, the Customer must specify it in the order form, to allow the Provider to check its availability. This service is offered at no additional cost for the Customer.

6.    Baggage
6.1.    The baggage allowed per passenger complies with airline standards, namely CHECKED BAGGAGE 23 kg AND ONE CARRY ON. The Customer is required to specify when booking the services, under the ‘Comments’ section, if they have additional luggage, along with the sizes and any other relevant details. The Provider reserves the right to refuse to perform the service where the baggage exceeds the car boot capacity and the Customer failed to notify it in advance, or the baggage contains hazardous materials, fire weapons, flammable substances which might endanger passenger or traffic safety, or if the baggage violates any applicable laws in force in any country transited. The advance paid by the Customer will not be refunded in this case.  
6.2.    The Customer should not leave important documents or valuables in the baggage. 
6.3.    The Provider’s liability for lost or stolen baggage is limited to its insurance. 
6.4.    The Provider is not liable for the content of the baggage.

7.    Pets
7.1.    Any transport of pets (small sized) must be notified in advance, when placing the order, and will be allowed if the pets are carried inside special travel crates. This service is offered at no additional cost for the Customer.
7.2.    The Customer must make sure that their pet will not affect the safety of other passengers and that it doesn’t damage the car. The Customer is nevertheless liable for any damages caused to the Provider by their pets.

8.    Cancellation
6.1.    The Customer may cancel a booking at any time, by telephone / email / online, using the contact information given by the Provider, who will endeavour to send the confirmation of cancellation at the earliest convenience.
6.2.     The sums paid by the Customer for the services ordered will be refunded if and only the cancellation of the booking is made at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. 
6.3.    The refund will be transferred to the Customer’s bank account within 10 business days. 
6.4.    Where the deadline specified above is not met, the Customer loses the right to a refund and the Provider will retain the entire amount paid.
6.5.    The Provider reserves the right to obtain from the Customer equitable compensation for the activities carried out for the purpose of rendering a service which is subsequently cancelled by the Customer.

9.    Provider’s Obligations
9.1.    The Provider will endeavour to make sure the vehicle requested by the Customer upon booking is available for the transport, but it cannot offer any guarantees as to the car’s make and model. When the vehicle is not available, the Provider will use all reasonable efforts to secure a replacement of at least the same class as the vehicle booked by the Customer.
9.2.    After receiving the Customer’s booking request, the Provider will send a validation email and/or confirmation text message containing the relevant booking details, at the email and/or phone number provided by the Customer in their order. By accepting the booking made by the Customer, the parties enter into a binding contract.
9.3.    The Provider will make all efforts to perform the transport contract and will reasonably seek to reach the destination, at the agreed time.
9.4.    The Provider reserves the right to refuse a booking, without further justification.

10.    Payment
10.1.    The Customer agrees to have mobilpay.ro process the payment for the service booked online, as well as all booking-related processing fees.
10.2.    The payment is authorised through an external payment processor and the Provider shall not be held accountable for the use of invalid credit/debit cards, or for the incorrect input of credit/debit card numbers. Where the online payment is not confirmed, the Customer is asked to refer to the bank which issued the credit/debit card.
10.3.    For credit cards issued in other currencies than RON, holders will bear the bank fees charged by the issuing banks, as well as any and all currency exchange differences.
10.4.    The ordered services may be paid by other means than online, based on the pro-forma invoice issued by the Provider. The order will be confirmed after the Provider’s bank account is credited with the sum and the latter issues the corresponding tax invoice.
10.5.    The Customer may also pay cash or with a card, directly to the Provider / its driver.
10.6.    For the services purchased and paid in advance, the Customer is not entitled to a refund unless they notify the Provider at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of the service. The refunds, in any event, cannot be higher than 100% of the price initially paid by the Customer.
10.7.    Customers may be charged extra if they make changes to the booked trip, after the Provider’s confirmation of the booking. The Provider reserves the right to refuse any such changes if it deems them unreasonable and will not be liable for the losses caused.

11.    Changes to the Booking
11.1.    The changes made by the Customer will be free of charge if operated at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled transport time or otherwise the Customer will be subject to additional fees for the new requests. Where the changes affect the travelled distance, the Customer will be charged extra. 
11.2.    Any changes made to a booking are subject to the Provider’s consent. 

12.    Data Privacy
12.1.    CITY TRANSFER will uphold your right to privacy and will safeguard your personal data, ensuring a proper use thereof. 
12.2.    In compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ or ‘GDPR’), CITY TRANSFER is a data Controller in respect of the personal data you send us.
12.3.    Personal data means any information which can be used to identify you, directly or indirectly, individually or collectively with other information.
12.4.    The purpose of the processing is to perform the contract, and the duration of the processing will be the term of such contract, plus any additional archiving period for accounting records, as required by the law. 
12.5.    As to your personal data, you have the following rights:

  •     The right of access – you can obtain information from the controller about the processing operations involving your data;
  •     The right to rectification – you can obtain from the controller the rectification or any inaccurate or incomplete data;
  •     The right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) – you can obtain from the controller the erasure of your personal data where they were unlawfully processed or in any other cases provided by the law;
  •     The right to restriction of processing – you can obtain from the controller the restriction of processing where you contest the accuracy of the personal data, as well as in any other cases provided by the law;
  •     The right to object – you can object in particular to the processing of data based on our legitimate interest;
  •     The right to data portability – you can receive subject to certain conditions, the personal data you provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format or you can have those data sent to another controller;
  •     The right to lodge a complaint – you can lodge a complaint in respect to a processing operation to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing;
  •     The right to withdraw your consent – in all the cases where processing is based on your explicit consent, you can withdraw it at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall only apply to future processing operations, as it doesn’t affect the processing that occurred based on the consent before its withdrawal;
  •     Additional rights regarding automated decision-making – you have the right to ask and obtain human intervention in regard to a specific processing operation, you can express your own point of view and contest the decision.

12.6.    This Website, as most websites, uses cookies to help us provide you with a better experience, to improve the services we offer and to provide an attractive and useful content. For further information, please read our Cookie Policy.
12.7.    This clause is supplemented by the Privacy Notice available on the Website.

13.     Conflicts 
By using the Website (visits or purchases), Users agree to its Terms and Conditions of Use. Any and all conflicts arising between the User and CITY TRANSFER will be settled amicably and should that fail, will be referred to the relevant courts of law, in compliance with the applicable Romanian law. 

14.    Communication
14.1.    Any and all communications between the Provider and the Customer after the booking will be through email, in person or by post/express delivery services at the company’s headquarters. Customers are advised to read their emails before departing on their travel, so as to learn of any possible changes or cancellations in regard to their booking. 
14.2.    The Customer is responsible for providing correct and complete information on their email and mobile number and to inform the Provider about any changes sin such data. 
14.3.    It is mandatory for Customers to provide a mobile number where they can be reached during the trip, otherwise the Provider will not be accountable for any messages that were intended to reach the Customers. 
14.4.    Any and all inquiries, demands or applications of refunds regarding the services will be sent in writing to the Provider, at contact @ city-transfer.ro

15.    Final Clauses 
15.1.    CITY TRANSFER reserves the right to make any changes to these dispositions, as well as to the Website and its structure, including changes which might affect the Website, without prior notice. CITY TRANSFER will not be held accountable for any errors occurring on the Website, for any reasons, including due to changes, settings, etc., which were not operated by the webmaster, and will further not be liable for the content, quality or nature of other websites which can be reached via a link from this Website, regardless of the nature of any such links. The full liability for those websites will be borne by their owners.
15.2.    It is strictly prohibited to copy or reproduce information found on this Website without the written consent of CITY TRANSFER.